03 april 2014

Green space


Galaxy - Nellie

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Space poem

Picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NGC_4414_(NASA-med).jpg

03 mars 2014

Movie rewiew jumanji

Jumanji is about a boy named Allan who goes to his fathers job and finds a board game. He starts to play it with a girl named Sarah. The boy disappears into the board game and gets stuck in the game for many years in another world. After all these years two kids continues to play the game and Alan comes back. Many animals, plants and a man comes out from the game too, and they must finish the game to make the things go back into the board game.

Slim food

24 februari 2014

Movie review-insidious

Insidious is about a family who is haunted bay a man who is very creepy. And this creepy ghost really want to live, so his trying to get in to the oldest sons buddy. One day the boy came into a coma. So they haves to move to a house the father lived in when he was a little boy. But what they don't no is that, the house they moved into is also haunted. They really want there son back in life so the father has to go to the ghost world and get his son back. And when he do that he kind of opening the ghost-archway, and a lot of ghost came into there house. It's one ghost that not suppose to come in because she is a very dangerous one. She was haunting the father when he was a little boy. And when the father gets the boy home every ghost disappear but before they do that, the very dangerous ghost gets into the fathers buddy and preteens to be the father so she can kill the family and get back to life. The and

The Restaurant


Is about two sisters. The old one was named Elsa and the little one was named Anna. They where princesses. Elsa had very strong powers. she could make it snow and frees everything that she wanted to. One day when they played Elsa shot Anna but it was an accident. Then Elsa was so afraid of shooting some one that she would never go out or be with Anna. They bouth felt really lonely and when their parents died in a sinking ship. Anna Wanted them to be with each other. Elsa is going to be the queen. But suddenly everything goes wrong and that's when you feel like the movie actually begins. The movie is awesome. I think almost everyone like it and some May love it!

Frozen is really H.C Andersen story. He did write a lot of story's.            

07 februari 2014

She's the man She's the man is an American romantic comedy from 2006 directed by Andy Fickman. Amanda Bynes plays Viola and Channing Tatum plays Duke they are the main characters in the movie. The film is about a girl called Viola. Viola's football(soccer) team is cut from the schools sport program. She and her teammates want to try out for the boys team. The coach and the boys believes that boys are much more athletic than girls so he says that they aren't allowed to play with the guys. Viola gets upset and decides to pretend to be her brother and to try out for another team so she can prove that girls can be just as athletic as boys. She then falls in love with her new teammate Duke. I thought that "She's the man" was alright. I liked the plot but I didn't like the acting. Some of the actors overdid the acting. I still recommend this movie to girls around the age of thirteen.

06 februari 2014

Movie review

Movie review about The Karate Kid

 The karate kid is a action movie. It's about a guy who is called Dre Parker. He was the popular kid in school. But he has to move from Detroit to China because his mom got a job there. On the new place some guys are bad to him. They want to fight with Dre all the time. Dre met a man who is called Mr Han. Mr Han is really good in Kung fu so Dre wanted Mr Han to learn him. At first mr Han didn't want to learn him but after a while he sad yes. After a lot of training Dre signed to a Kung fu tournament.

I like the movie because it has an exiting story. I really recommend to see it.

Production year: 2010
Directed by: Harald Zwart
Lead actors in the movie: Jaden smith (Dre Parker) & Jackie chan (Mr Han)

03 februari 2014

Movie review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The movie, called The Hobbit, is a fantasy film based on the book with the same name written by the author JRR Tolkien.

In the film, a dwarf kingdom of Erebor in the lonely mountain was taken by an evil dragon called Smaug.

The main character is a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. One day Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, and thirteen dwarfs led by Thorin Oakenshield visit him.

They want his help to reclaim their homeland Erebor.

He agrees to help them and their journey takes them into the wild through dangerous lands of Middle Earth where they fight against Trolls, Goblins and Orcs. The Orcs are led by a huge pale Orc called Azog.

Bilbo also meets a creature called Gollum and there he finds Gollum's magical ring.

Bilbo and his companions are chased by the orcs when they meet a huge bear. The bear, called Beorn, is a skin-changer who can take the form of a man or a bear. Beorn helps Bilbo and company by lending his horses.

Azog travels to a ruin called Dol Guldur, where he is given command of the Orc armies by an evil creature named the Necromancer. Azog tells his son Bolg to hunt down the dwarfs.

Bilbo and the company reaches a forest called Mirkwood where they loose their way and are caught by giant spiders.

Bilbo, with the help of the magical ring, help set the dwarfs free.

The Wood Elves of Mirkwood arrives and imprison the dwarfs. Bilbo help the dwarfs escape from the Elves.

The company then meets a man named Bard who smuggles them into a lake town called Esgaroth.

In Esgaroth the company are assisted by its people and they continue their journey to the lonely mountain.

There Bilbo discover the hidden entrance and is sent into the mountain to retrieve the Arkenstone, a great jewel, only to awaken Smaug.

Bilbo and the dwarfs are now being hunted by Smaug and they try to kill him by drowning him in liquid gold. Smaug survives and escape the mountain, determined to destroy the lake town and its people for helping the dwarves.

I think it's a really good movie because it's happens a lot and its also a good story and I like fantasy.

31 januari 2014

Movie review Fredrika

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Raise your voice This film is about a girl her name is Terri. When her brother Paul dies in a car accident, Terri feels that she does not want to sing anymore . Before he dies he sends a DVD to a music school in which she sings. She comes in at the music school but she wasn't allowed to go there by her dad. So she had to lie, and she says she must visit her aunt. She takes the train to Los Angeles.When she comes to the music school she met a Guy and his name is Jay and he showed her around. Terri en Jay falls in love and they begin to write a song to a contest. Those who play the lead roles is named Hilary Duff and Oliver James. I chose this film because I think it is a good film and I like this film.

28 januari 2014

The originals

The originals

It is a tv show about the first vampires in history. It takes place in New Orleans. The vampires the first vampires were the ones that build the city. When the first vampire were born so were the first hybrid. A hybrid is a race that is both vampire and werewolf. Klaus was the first vampire he was a werewolf from birth but later on he turned into a beast so his mother is a witch she tried using dark magic to cure him. But she made him a hybrid instead so his father called him a beast.

Klaus had 2 siblings 1 brother and 1 sister. Klaus father wanted to kill him because he was turned into a monster half vampire half werewolf. So klaus father told his brother Elijah to hold him down so he could kill klaus. Klaus said no brother help me klaus was under a lot of pain so his brother didn't know what to do. He held his brother down but klaus was to powerful. Klaus got free and he felt a lot of hunger inside hunger for blood. His father ran away. Elijah was beside his brother. Klaus felt hunger and bitt his brother. His brother lost a lot of blood but then his brother stood up and he felt that hunger too klaus made the first real vampire in history and then they did the same to there sister. And that was how the first vampires in history was born.

In New Orleans when klaus and his siblings where going home klaus saw a slave that was being tortured to work harder but this slave fought back and klaus saw power and a good future for him when the slave were about to die because he was fighting back Klaus came in and killed the man that was torturing the slave and so he took the slave as his own son he trained the slave. The slaves name was marcel.Klaus killed anyone that his sister were in love with.

27 januari 2014

Movie review of Doctor Who, Series. - Eric

Movie review of the Doctor Who Series

Doctor who is a British science-fiction originally from 1963 but ended in 1989. In 2005 they started the show again. In 2013 the 23rd November the show turned 50-years, and they celebrated it with a movie called "The Day Of The Doctor". The story is about a humanoid alien who is 903 years old, with the name "The Doctor". He's a timelord from Gallifrey, his home planet, traveling through time and space with his T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) and often travels with a female companion. And where they go there will always be a problem which they have to solve.

Great serie! I would recommend this to anyone who loves adventure movies/series :)

BBC for the logo and the show, gfucrescent.com for hosting the logo.

Home Alone

Home Alone

Home Alone is now a old comedy where the main character is 8 years old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin). His family fly to Paris on Christmas vacation. When they mistakenly left him home. His house is next robbery target of two bandits Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern).
Kevin has to defend his house from bandits, he start to setting up traps in his house. While Kevin is defending his home his family remids about him and fly back home. Kevins trap worked and the bandits go to prison.
By Maciek. W
Rating 9,5/10

23 januari 2014

The movie review

This series is about two brothers Dean and Sam. And a few people and some relatives and all this people is called hunters. This means that they are fighting with supernatural monster like demons, vampires, zombies, angels and gods like Ganesha, Isis and a lot more.

This TV show started year-2005 the TV show is filmed in Canada. The TV show is about the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester that is traveling in the United States in a black Chevrolet in search of supernaturals.

In the beginning it was all about a coltrevolver so they could kill a demon who killed their mother. But later they realise that it's something more and in season 6 they are trying to kill Eve the mother of all supernaturals.

The genre is Paranormal, Self-destruct drama ,Horror, Action Adventure and Thriller. And there are supernatural books. The creator of supernatural Eric Kripke left the TV show in season 6. They have done 9 seasons but only up to season 7 is released.

Hunger games

Hunger games is the best movie ever

It's 12 district one girl and one boy, age 12-18 years. The teams are competing to survive. District 12 is the porest and district 1 is the richest district.

In disktrict 12 there is a girl her name is Katniss and she has a sister called Prim. Prim was very nervous because it was her first year to be drawn to the hunger games.

I like this movie because it's very exciting.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - movie review

A green light shone brightly from Voldemort's wand than one night in Godric's Hallow when Lily and James Potter were killed. That night was the night when Harry lost his parents. He moved in with his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley. Harry had lived his whole life unknown about the fact that he was a wizard. But by the age of 11, he found out. He got accepted to Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. He learned how to do magic, to fly a broomstick and so much more. He met his very first friends, Ron and Hermonie. Everything was like a dream. Until they found out someone was hunting the Philosopher's stone - the stone of immortality. Such a stone must not fall into the wrong hands. To protect such a stone required very hard work. Work that would violate many rules. And rule breaking leads to punishments, which definitely isn't a helping hand.

My opinion: This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen!  The story is so enchanting and loveable. Harry is such a brave and pure hearted young man. All the actors/actresses are amazing! This is a movie I can watch a thousand times without getting bored. I give this movie 10 out of 10 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Movie review - The Lord of the rings. By Jacob.

The Lord of the rings
The fellowship of the ring

This is the first part of the trilogy The lord of the rings. The story is about the young hobbit Frodo Baggins and his friend Samwise Gamgee. Frodo gets a ring from his uncle Bilbo Baggins and the ring Frodo gets is very special and powerful made by the dark lord Sauron. The good wizard Gandalf the gray sad to Frodo to bring the ring to the village Bree and there wait for him while he is visiting his old friend Saruman the white. But when Gandalf gets to Saruman he founds out that Saruman has joined the dark side. Saruman takes Gandalf as prisoner at the top of his tower.

On the way to Bree the hobbits meet two relatives Pippin and Merry at the same time Pippin and Merry were hunted by a farmer for stealing vegetables and they all run in to the forrest. There they bump into the evil dark riders who feel the presence of the ring and they want to take the ring back to Sauron. If they succeed Saruman and the dark side will win.

The picture is from Wikipedia:

And here the long journey begins and the company meet the rest of the fellowship as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir. Together they try to protect and destroy the ring.

The Lord of the rings is a fantasy film of Peter Jackson based by the book of J.R.R Tolkien. Many of the fantastic scenes are from New Zealand. The music is awesome and suits the film perfect. All the actors are very good. The movie is exciting and things happens all the time. This is the best movie I ever seen. I give it 5 big stars.


By Jacob Bergin
January 16, 2014

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I recommend a movie the name is Pacific rim. The category is action and the age limit is eleven. In the Movie they fight with kaijus (monsters). The movie is not creepy for me. It is my favorite film.

I like this movie because it is exciting. The lead is called Charlie Hunnam.

The picture is from Wkipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pacific_Rim_FilmPoster.jpeg

17 januari 2014

Movie review

A walk to remember

On the holiday I watched a movie called a walk to remember.
It's a love story about a boy called Landon and a girl called Jamie.
Landon is one of the popular kids in the school and Jamie is one of the nerds. One day the principal talked to Landon, he said that he wanted Landon to join the drama group, because the principal wanted Landon to meet new people.
Jamie was also in the drama group. Jamie helped Landon with his script.
At first Landon pretended that he didn't know who Jamie was in front of his friends.
When it was time to show the drama show Landon had to kiss Jamie, and his friends thought it was a real kiss, so they didn't want to be with Landon anymore. Landon had no one to eat with, so ha went to Jamie.
Landon said that he wanted to be with Jamie but she didn't believed him so she said that he should prove it. He did everything for her, and he fall in love with her. He didn't care about his reputation anymore.
Jamie didn't want Landon to fall in love with her because there was something she hadn't told him.
Jamie believed that Landon wanted to be with her and she fell in love with him too. Everything was perfect until Jamie told Landon something he didn't know about her.

I think this is a great movie! It's my favourite movie and I love it.
It's romantic and a little bit sad too. The lead actors is Shane West and Mandy Moore.

The picture is from Wikipedia:

Movie review - Nellie

The chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

The chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe is a fantasy adventure film from 2005. The film is about 4 siblings that need to move because their dad is in a war. Their mom stays home and takes care of their old home. Some few days after they moved in they played hide and seek. The youngest girl Lucy ran up to a empty room and then she saw a big thing with a cover. She pulled off the cover and then she saw a big wardrobe. She thought it was a good place to hide in. So she walked in quiet but that was  no wall there. Lucy continued to go but then she fell. She stood up and looked around, it was snow everywhere! She was in Narnia!

Then a guy who is called mr. Tumnus came and they talked. Then she had to go back. She ran to her older siblings Peter, Edmund and Susan and told them about Narnia and the wardrobe but they didn't believed her. But the day after her youngest brother went there also. He came back but pretended that nothing had happened. Lucy was sad because they didn't believed her. So Lucy told them again and they decided that they should go to the wardrobe and see if it was something in it. And Narnia was there. There was lots of problems during their first year there. They stayed there for many years but they didn't know that the time stopped when they was in Narnia.

If you want to know everything that happened during their first year in Narnia you should check out the movie! Watch the second and third part to!

I think it's a really good film and it's one of my favourites. I really like all the adventures when they were in Narnia. It's some parts in the movie that is sad and I don't like when it's sad but it's still really good. I like the most when they are in Narnia and do all the adventures. I think the worst part (but it's still good) is the beginning because it doesn't  happen so much. I highly recommend it and I think children can see it to with their parents.

Some actors in the movie:
Tilda Swinton - White witch
Georgie Henley - Lucy Pevensie
William Moseley - Peter Pevensie
Skandar Keynes - Edmund Pevensie
Anna Popplewell - Susan Pevensie
James McAvoy - Mr. Tumnus

Movie review Hampus

I think that the Hobbit is a good movie.
It's about 12 Dwarfs and 1 Hobbit that going to go to the Dwarfs kingdom Erabor and kill the dragon that has taken over Erabor.
 But they are fighting with an other enemy, Sauron The Lord off the darkness.
He are collecting his army and is trying to eradicate the humans Dwarfs and Elves.
It's a god movie, it's lots of action and death in it but most for the orchs.

Hobbit Hole}

Bad grandpa

Bad grandpa is a comedy movie. Billy and his grandpa Irving  travels from Nebraska to North Carolina to get Billy to his father. Under the time Billy and his grandpa does very dumb things. Everything that they do in the movie is in real life, on real people. The movie is from 2013 and I think it's really good and funny. It's funny to see all the peoples reactions when Billy or his grandpa does something crazy. Bad grandpa is a movie of Paramount Pictures. The director is Jeff Tremaine.

Link to trailer: http://youtu.be/tctgUr147zA

10 januari 2014

Tv-show review

Hawaii five-0 (Elite Task Force)

Hawaii five-0 is based on a navy seal called Steve Mccarret.
Steve had a mother and she faked her own death and Steve's father got murdered by Victor Hesse. One day Steve went to Hawaii to be on his fathers funeral.The first person he sees is the governor she says Hi Steve sorry for your lost. Then she says "Steve, I want you to catch that son of a bitch who killed your father". And she opens an elite task force for Steve Mccarret and he get some awesome people on his team. And then they Gives their task force a name "Five-0". And in all episodes they catches different people who murdered someone.  But sometimes there is some special episodes when someone in the task force were kidnapped.

First season release: 2010 

The walking dead (World goes under)

The walking dead is based on zombies and a guy called Rick, Rick got shot in his arm and he were about to die. Then he wakes up at the hospital after being in coma for a couple of days. And then he sees that everyone else is dead and he had panic. Later on he rides on a horse in Atlanta and he got attacked by a lot of zombies and he sees a tank and he leaves the horse and runs for the tank. Then he founds a team of people and he joins them, he goes with them to their camp and then he sees his wife and son. And now they live in a prison with a lot of people and they grow their own carrots, potatoes and salad. But in the latest episode they got attacked by the "governor". The governor had his own city with some people who survived the Zombie Attack, then he kills them and starts a war with Rick's team. 

First season release: (2010)

Criminal minds (FBI Federal agency)

Criminal minds is based on a FBI team (A Federal Agency) 
It is a FBI of 5 and they are good because they can find out what the suspect looks like with out seeing them(Analyzer). But all episode is based on the same thing so it's not the best series in the world. It starts off when they get a crime and watch some pictures, then they go on a plane and fly to the crime place, to find out more. That id basically all that happens.

First season release: (2005)

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