23 januari 2014

The movie review

This series is about two brothers Dean and Sam. And a few people and some relatives and all this people is called hunters. This means that they are fighting with supernatural monster like demons, vampires, zombies, angels and gods like Ganesha, Isis and a lot more.

This TV show started year-2005 the TV show is filmed in Canada. The TV show is about the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester that is traveling in the United States in a black Chevrolet in search of supernaturals.

In the beginning it was all about a coltrevolver so they could kill a demon who killed their mother. But later they realise that it's something more and in season 6 they are trying to kill Eve the mother of all supernaturals.

The genre is Paranormal, Self-destruct drama ,Horror, Action Adventure and Thriller. And there are supernatural books. The creator of supernatural Eric Kripke left the TV show in season 6. They have done 9 seasons but only up to season 7 is released.

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