10 januari 2014

Tv-show review

Hawaii five-0 (Elite Task Force)

Hawaii five-0 is based on a navy seal called Steve Mccarret.
Steve had a mother and she faked her own death and Steve's father got murdered by Victor Hesse. One day Steve went to Hawaii to be on his fathers funeral.The first person he sees is the governor she says Hi Steve sorry for your lost. Then she says "Steve, I want you to catch that son of a bitch who killed your father". And she opens an elite task force for Steve Mccarret and he get some awesome people on his team. And then they Gives their task force a name "Five-0". And in all episodes they catches different people who murdered someone.  But sometimes there is some special episodes when someone in the task force were kidnapped.

First season release: 2010 

The walking dead (World goes under)

The walking dead is based on zombies and a guy called Rick, Rick got shot in his arm and he were about to die. Then he wakes up at the hospital after being in coma for a couple of days. And then he sees that everyone else is dead and he had panic. Later on he rides on a horse in Atlanta and he got attacked by a lot of zombies and he sees a tank and he leaves the horse and runs for the tank. Then he founds a team of people and he joins them, he goes with them to their camp and then he sees his wife and son. And now they live in a prison with a lot of people and they grow their own carrots, potatoes and salad. But in the latest episode they got attacked by the "governor". The governor had his own city with some people who survived the Zombie Attack, then he kills them and starts a war with Rick's team. 

First season release: (2010)

Criminal minds (FBI Federal agency)

Criminal minds is based on a FBI team (A Federal Agency) 
It is a FBI of 5 and they are good because they can find out what the suspect looks like with out seeing them(Analyzer). But all episode is based on the same thing so it's not the best series in the world. It starts off when they get a crime and watch some pictures, then they go on a plane and fly to the crime place, to find out more. That id basically all that happens.

First season release: (2005)

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-Hugo A-Sweden- 

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