28 januari 2014

The originals

The originals

It is a tv show about the first vampires in history. It takes place in New Orleans. The vampires the first vampires were the ones that build the city. When the first vampire were born so were the first hybrid. A hybrid is a race that is both vampire and werewolf. Klaus was the first vampire he was a werewolf from birth but later on he turned into a beast so his mother is a witch she tried using dark magic to cure him. But she made him a hybrid instead so his father called him a beast.

Klaus had 2 siblings 1 brother and 1 sister. Klaus father wanted to kill him because he was turned into a monster half vampire half werewolf. So klaus father told his brother Elijah to hold him down so he could kill klaus. Klaus said no brother help me klaus was under a lot of pain so his brother didn't know what to do. He held his brother down but klaus was to powerful. Klaus got free and he felt a lot of hunger inside hunger for blood. His father ran away. Elijah was beside his brother. Klaus felt hunger and bitt his brother. His brother lost a lot of blood but then his brother stood up and he felt that hunger too klaus made the first real vampire in history and then they did the same to there sister. And that was how the first vampires in history was born.

In New Orleans when klaus and his siblings where going home klaus saw a slave that was being tortured to work harder but this slave fought back and klaus saw power and a good future for him when the slave were about to die because he was fighting back Klaus came in and killed the man that was torturing the slave and so he took the slave as his own son he trained the slave. The slaves name was marcel.Klaus killed anyone that his sister were in love with.

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