16 december 2013

Our Local Environment - Matilda

In our school we have a small gymnastics hall and a large gymnastics hall. We have the large gymnastics hall on Thursdays and the small one on Mondays.
I choose to write about the large one, because I train ultimate frisbee there. 

In the gymnastics hall we have  four dressing room. In the dressing room we have some showers and a toilet. If you want to you can put a wall in the middle of the hall. 

I like the large one more because it's so big and not as small as the small one. I also like it more because it has more gymnastics things then the small one.

12 december 2013

Our local environment..

Where I live there it's a "mini centrum" where you can shop. And you can shop clothes, shoes, games and there is an optican. And when I shop there, I go to The Body shop, Ginatricot, JC, Cubus, and much more. But a short distance away from the shopping mall, It's a building named Molekylverkstan. Molekylverkstan it is a place where you can do various experimentets and try cool things. They also have teachings for children. In the building there's a shop, where you can buy, magic boxes and slime and much more.. I think it's a cool and fun place..

11 december 2013

My Local Environment


  My local environment.

Hello there! I'm gonna tell you about my market-place. The marker-place is right next to the water. There's a lots of shops, game shops, coffee shops, food shops, clothes shops. In Stenungsund there is 65 stores in our market-place. And there is 1000 places where you can park your car.

I often buy things in Kappahl, Kappahl is a popular store in Sweden, you can buy clothes there. I often buy things in GameStop too, I think you can hear what kinda store it is, games, yeah.

When I am at the market-place my favourite place to eat on is Eat. They have great food and it's very delicious.

Local enviorment

Local environment
My house
When you come through the door then you have all the rooms and in the large bathroom on the right side and The kitchen is to the left and the living room is straight forward.

Kitchen: It looks as if it is a very old kitchen that we have in my house. There are tiled floors that are red, and the cabinets are in dark wood.
We have quite a large table with a purple cloth, a fruit bowl and a vase with flowers on.

My room: My room is pretty smal. But I think that when it's a small room, it's much more cozy. I have a keyboard next to my bed.
The room has light brown walls. I have a tv and a bookshelf with two flowers and books. I have a turquoise rug.

The garden: We also have a pool at home, which is 1, 50 m deep.
Our lawn is quite large and we have a swing to my little sister and a trampoline.

My Sisters room: My little sister has a small room just like me.
She has a lot of toys, a bed and a small swing that you can hang up on a hook in the ceiling from which she can sit in and swing and spin in. In the room there is white walls. There are two shelves on the wall and a wardrobe. She has three small round rugs that have the colors Blue and pink.

Our House was built in 2001 in wood.
The House is white but Red around the boxes.

In the House there is a large laundry room with washing machine, dryer and a pair of cabinets.
small bathroom and a large bathroom with bath.

We have our own carport and a large storage room.

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08 december 2013

Writing about "Our Local Environment"

Our posts about our local environment is starting to be ready as we are getting closer to the end of the term. We still need some more pictures to make them more interesting and to complete the texts. The students are getting ready for Christmas Holiday and their teacher has to encourage them with positive feedback about how much better it would be with a picture that goes with the blog post.

Before we started writing, we did some brainstorming together about what to write. Our goal is to have a variety of posts that hopefully give a broad picture about Stenungsund, where we live.

We made a mind map in the app Popplet.

It is written in Swedish. You can take a closer look at it here.

06 december 2013

Our Local Environment

Gamestop  is a shop, where you can buy games. GameStop is in Stenungsund, gamers  buy games there and you can buy Xbox, headset and Playstation

Local environment - Rebecca

Sundahallen is a gymnasium where you can play sports and stuff. Like table tennis, floorball,soccer, shooting, wrestling, bowling, pool and you can swim too. I'm playing in a floorballteam and we practice at Sundahallen. It's a cafeteria there too so you can buy some food and candy. They are going to rebuild sundahallen so it will be bigger and it's going to be an ice rink there too.

My local enviroment

In stenungsund in Sweden we have a thing like shop mall it's name is stenungs torg. There here we shops like team sportia,cubus,GameStop,kapphal and more. My favorite is shops are teams sportia and GameStop, In team sportia you can buy sport things like football shoes,frisbee,balls and other thing like this. And in GameStop there is games,steam card, and so. In GameStop you can play FIFA on Xbox or on PS but mostly on Xbox.


05 december 2013

Our Local Environment

Activity center
There is an activity center not so far away from school. It's almost always open in the evenings, but just for older children that goes in grade seven, eight and nine. At the activity center there is a dance room, a music room and a room with Xbox, Wii and other games. They have a kitchen and a big room where you can talk with your friends or whatever you want. In the music room they have guitars, drums, piano and two microphones.
On summer they have open for children that goes in grade four to nine. They make compititions and trips too zoo or waterparks, it's really fun and it's good for children so they have something to do during the summer. You don't have to pay enything but if they make trips too places, you maybe have to a little bit, but not the full price. Me and my friends like to be there in the summer. We are almost always in the music room. You can rent the building too. My aunt did it when she had a party. It's great to rent it because it's big.

Our Local Environment

My Local environment

In my room i have withe walls with 5 pictures, of Swedens best skaters . Ioooooove figure skating.... In my room I have a bed with pillows and a cover, the covers colour is withe and the pillows colour is pink and have a mouth on. Then a have a desk with my computer on. I also have a bookshelf with a small locker on.

Our local enviroment

In our local environment we have a cinema where you can see new movies. Our cinema is very big and when you are going to the cinema you can buy candy, popcorn and soda. I sometimes go to the cinema. You must buy a ticket before you can see a movie and it usually costs about 90 Swedish crowns or 14 $ . You can buy a gift card and it cost 100 Swedish crowns or 15 $ on a cinema and give it to someone so he or she can go on the cinema free.

Our Local Environment

I play ice hockey in Norumsborg. Norumsborg is the ice hockey rink in my hometown Stenungsund. It's only a couple of minutes walk away from my school. As it is so close by we sometimes go skating during gym class. Norumsborg or Borgen(The Fortress) as we call it is rather run down but it's still my second home. I'm there at least four times a week from August to March. During spring and summer it is a sad place with neither ice nor people. The rink was built in the seventies. At first it was outdoors and many games were played in heavy rain or snow. It was covered in 1982, but not much has happened since. The community has just decided to replace it with a new one located at the main sports complex next to the high school, Nösnäsgymnasiet. I'm sure it will be nice but I will miss an early morning practise at Borgen.

02 december 2013

Our local environment in the ice rink- Isabelle

The ice rink in Stenungsund is 31 years old. At first it was an outdoor ice rink and later it was built to an indoor ice rink. The ice rink is very old and it's slowly breaking down and that's why we want a new ice rink. The ice rink is a white building with orange on the top.

The ice skating area is limited by the boards. On the bleacher side there are two penalty boxes and between theses boxes there is the storekeepers' area. On the opposite side there are the two teams players bench.

It has two entrances, the main is located on the end of one long side and the other one is located on the rear short side. When you go through the main entrance you will find locker rooms on the right hand side used by both hockey teams and figure skaters. Straight ahead, you will see a staircase where the figure skating trainers and the ice rink caretaker have their rooms. Underneath these rooms there is another locker room used by older figure skaters and also by hockey referees during a hockey game.

On the left hand side of the main entrance there are two toilets and further away you reach the bleacher. Underneath the bleacher there are utility rooms where figure skating uses two of them and the hockey teams uses the rest. Use the stairs at one end of the bleacher to reach the cafeteria. At the other end of the bleacher there is the office of the hockey club and above that room there is a meeting room which is also used as a dancing room by the figure skaters.

On the opposite side of the bleacher there are locker rooms used by the hokey teams. There is also a gate which the ice resurfacer uses when it's time to clean the ice surface.

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