06 december 2013

Local environment - Rebecca

Sundahallen is a gymnasium where you can play sports and stuff. Like table tennis, floorball,soccer, shooting, wrestling, bowling, pool and you can swim too. I'm playing in a floorballteam and we practice at Sundahallen. It's a cafeteria there too so you can buy some food and candy. They are going to rebuild sundahallen so it will be bigger and it's going to be an ice rink there too.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Rebecca
    I really like your post on our local environment maybe next time you could write a bit more and a picture would be nice.
    What is your favourite sport to play.
    From Sophie

  2. Kia Ora Rebecca,
    That sounds so cool! My favourite sports tennis and swimming what is yours?
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    From Preethi