05 december 2013

Our Local Environment

Activity center
There is an activity center not so far away from school. It's almost always open in the evenings, but just for older children that goes in grade seven, eight and nine. At the activity center there is a dance room, a music room and a room with Xbox, Wii and other games. They have a kitchen and a big room where you can talk with your friends or whatever you want. In the music room they have guitars, drums, piano and two microphones.
On summer they have open for children that goes in grade four to nine. They make compititions and trips too zoo or waterparks, it's really fun and it's good for children so they have something to do during the summer. You don't have to pay enything but if they make trips too places, you maybe have to a little bit, but not the full price. Me and my friends like to be there in the summer. We are almost always in the music room. You can rent the building too. My aunt did it when she had a party. It's great to rent it because it's big.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! that sounds amazing you are so lucky.

  2. Dear Edona.
    I really like your post on our local environment activity center sounds awesome maybe next time you could add a picture but overall great work.
    From Sophie