02 december 2013

Our local environment in the ice rink- Isabelle

The ice rink in Stenungsund is 31 years old. At first it was an outdoor ice rink and later it was built to an indoor ice rink. The ice rink is very old and it's slowly breaking down and that's why we want a new ice rink. The ice rink is a white building with orange on the top.

The ice skating area is limited by the boards. On the bleacher side there are two penalty boxes and between theses boxes there is the storekeepers' area. On the opposite side there are the two teams players bench.

It has two entrances, the main is located on the end of one long side and the other one is located on the rear short side. When you go through the main entrance you will find locker rooms on the right hand side used by both hockey teams and figure skaters. Straight ahead, you will see a staircase where the figure skating trainers and the ice rink caretaker have their rooms. Underneath these rooms there is another locker room used by older figure skaters and also by hockey referees during a hockey game.

On the left hand side of the main entrance there are two toilets and further away you reach the bleacher. Underneath the bleacher there are utility rooms where figure skating uses two of them and the hockey teams uses the rest. Use the stairs at one end of the bleacher to reach the cafeteria. At the other end of the bleacher there is the office of the hockey club and above that room there is a meeting room which is also used as a dancing room by the figure skaters.

On the opposite side of the bleacher there are locker rooms used by the hokey teams. There is also a gate which the ice resurfacer uses when it's time to clean the ice surface.

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