29 november 2013

Our local environment

SIF-garden is a soccer field. We like playing there. It is fun there. SIF is also a soccer team. Anybody can join but they have to pay 100 dollars in Sweden that isn't very much but maybe in other countries it is a bit much.

It  is possible to have a trial for about a month without paying to see if you like it or not. It has three fields to play soccer on so if  a team has practice on one field or a match, then you can play on another field.

Anton and Josef

Hugo - local environment!

I live in Stenungsund. It's a middle sized city so it's not that big but we have a big shopping center called Stenungstorg. And I live around length feet away from the shopping center. 

The most popular shop for teenagers is KappAhl and a game shop called Game-stop. The most popular shop for kids is BR leksaker and that's a toy shop for small children. 

Stenungstorg has a lot of different kinds of shops some clothes,  toy and food shops. My favorite shop is game-stop because I'm a gamer. There is a sea about 100-200 meter away from the shopping center with a lot of nice boats, my grandma and grandpa has a boat there. 

At Bokia can you buy books and pencils for school, work and home. Another popular shop is JC where you can buy shirts and pants, but i don't like JC that much but some of my friends do. 

My Favorite shops is:


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!

Our local environment - Nellie


Sundahallen is a place where you can swim, go bowling, play a lot of sports and other stuff. Sometimes we are there with school and swim. I'm not there so often but I think it's fun there. Me and my family or friends go there sometimes and play bowling or swim.
Some of the sports you play there are: Floorball, basketball, table tennis and some other sports.

Nösnäs stadium is a place next to Sundahallen. It's a athletics stadium. You can also play soccer there. Our soccer team (Stenungsunds if) play there. Sweden's national soccer team (women) was there last summer. Swedish national team for men have also been there. Also the Brazilian national soccer team have been there.

The track and field events you can do there is running (100, 200 and more), high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump and shot put. I don't think you can do any more track and field events there.

28 november 2013

Our Local Enviroment Freddy

In stenungsund we have a swimming-hall. I love to swim. I'm gonna have my first swim competition, 100 meter. When I swim 50 meter I've got the time 42 seconds. I practise swimming on Monday and Saturday. But on the Saturdays it is 9-10 am and I haaaate to wake up so early, but it's worth it I think.

But the swimming-hall is very old and in 2015 they gonna build a new swimming-hall. We have only 2 pools and it's very small, so I am looking forward to compete when it's built. The swimming-hall have one big pool and a small baby pool. We have one slide too, it looks like the Mc-Donald's slide. We don't have a diving tower and I think it's bad. Some people say that it is dangerous to swim in the swimming-hall, it is poisoned. In the baby pool it is a slide too, but it is blue and smaller.

25 november 2013

My study tips - Janina

Local environment

Our local environment
The Tennis courts

In stenungsund it's two tennis courts. there is one at sundahallen, and one at a gas station. The one at the gas station have walls of steel so when a ball hits the wall it sounds very loud.
 the tennis hall has a hard ground so i you slip, it's hurt.
 we are playing at the tennis hall at the station at the summer or winter, and the tennis hall at sundahallen at summer, because it is outside. and if you played there at the winter. it will be really cold! I've seen many people playing tennis at the courts.

   When I play tennis
I like to play tennis. When I'm doing great, it feels good! I am playing tennis with maybe four other people. and they are my friends. I don't know them so good but it is fun to play with them.

Food - Janina

22 november 2013

My Local Environment - Sebbe

My Local Environment - Hawaii

If you go to Stenungs ön, which is an island, there is a beach with both sand and rocks. There is a big bathing platform with three different diving towers. And Hawaii is also a good fishing place, fishes I try to catch is mackerel and sea trout. To catch these fishes you can use a simple fishing rod and a simple fishing reel, you can most use any blank shining lure.

Our local environment - Eric

My favorite place in my environment is "Sundahallen". It's because I mostly have my floorball trainings there. But you can play almost any sport there. You can go swim, play bowling and much much more! You can even play billiard. They also have shooting, where you can shoot with soft/air weapons.

18 november 2013

Our local environment - Elin

I have chosen to write about my favorite place in the world, which is my home.

Open the door, and you will probably see a lot of shoes on the carpet and jackets hanging on gallows. And if you look to the right you'll see my room and my sisters room to the left. Take 5 steps and look to the left. You'll se the toilet. Take 4 more steps and look straight forward. You'll my living room. To the right, we have an untuned piano. Look obliquely right. That's where we have placed our couch turned to the left. Opposite the couch we have our TV. And that's about it for the living room. Take 1 step back and look to the right. You'll se the stairs. Walk down the stairs and look to the left. That's our "teenage room". It has a dark blue couch, a computer and a smaller TV. If you look straight forward (from the end of the stairs), you'll se our second toilet. Take 5 steps to the right, and you're in our kitchen. We have a 6-person table, a sink with a lot of boxes and cabinets under it, and a stove with an oven underneath it. Imagine the stove in front of you, looking to the left. You'll se our laundry room. And if you look to the right, you'll see our backyard. If you look behind you, you'll see my third sisters room.

Well,  that's my entire house. 

15 november 2013

My local environment Hampus.

My local environment.

In my school we have a lots of rooms and in the rooms there is a lots of chairs and benches.

We have a big dining area. 

This is a school for 0-9 grade(Swedish grade).

The color on the school is brick red and in the class room the walls is white.

In the class room we have a whiteboard on the wall and on the whiteboard we look on movies.

We have Appel TV, projector and speaker.