29 november 2013

Our local environment - Nellie


Sundahallen is a place where you can swim, go bowling, play a lot of sports and other stuff. Sometimes we are there with school and swim. I'm not there so often but I think it's fun there. Me and my family or friends go there sometimes and play bowling or swim.
Some of the sports you play there are: Floorball, basketball, table tennis and some other sports.

Nösnäs stadium is a place next to Sundahallen. It's a athletics stadium. You can also play soccer there. Our soccer team (Stenungsunds if) play there. Sweden's national soccer team (women) was there last summer. Swedish national team for men have also been there. Also the Brazilian national soccer team have been there.

The track and field events you can do there is running (100, 200 and more), high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump and shot put. I don't think you can do any more track and field events there.

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