29 november 2013

Hugo - local environment!

I live in Stenungsund. It's a middle sized city so it's not that big but we have a big shopping center called Stenungstorg. And I live around length feet away from the shopping center. 

The most popular shop for teenagers is KappAhl and a game shop called Game-stop. The most popular shop for kids is BR leksaker and that's a toy shop for small children. 

Stenungstorg has a lot of different kinds of shops some clothes,  toy and food shops. My favorite shop is game-stop because I'm a gamer. There is a sea about 100-200 meter away from the shopping center with a lot of nice boats, my grandma and grandpa has a boat there. 

At Bokia can you buy books and pencils for school, work and home. Another popular shop is JC where you can buy shirts and pants, but i don't like JC that much but some of my friends do. 

My Favorite shops is:


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hallå Hugo your post is quite interesting for someone who doesn't live in Sweden.At our school we have an class where some bright people go on Thursday mornings(9am-10.40am) and a year ago we were lucky enough to have someone from Sweden to come teach us some Swedish! My favourite shops are Paper plus(A Bookshop) and any shops with schleich(Horse Models).
    Bye From Ella