28 november 2013

Our Local Enviroment Freddy

In stenungsund we have a swimming-hall. I love to swim. I'm gonna have my first swim competition, 100 meter. When I swim 50 meter I've got the time 42 seconds. I practise swimming on Monday and Saturday. But on the Saturdays it is 9-10 am and I haaaate to wake up so early, but it's worth it I think.

But the swimming-hall is very old and in 2015 they gonna build a new swimming-hall. We have only 2 pools and it's very small, so I am looking forward to compete when it's built. The swimming-hall have one big pool and a small baby pool. We have one slide too, it looks like the Mc-Donald's slide. We don't have a diving tower and I think it's bad. Some people say that it is dangerous to swim in the swimming-hall, it is poisoned. In the baby pool it is a slide too, but it is blue and smaller.

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  1. Hi Freddy
    I do swimming lessons and races as well but I do mine on Fridays at 4:30.
    At our swimming pool we have two hydro slides A BIG pool, two medium warm pools and a baby pool with water fountain.

    I like your post!
    But in your free time what do you like to do in your free time??
    See you soon....