25 november 2013

Local environment

Our local environment
The Tennis courts

In stenungsund it's two tennis courts. there is one at sundahallen, and one at a gas station. The one at the gas station have walls of steel so when a ball hits the wall it sounds very loud.
 the tennis hall has a hard ground so i you slip, it's hurt.
 we are playing at the tennis hall at the station at the summer or winter, and the tennis hall at sundahallen at summer, because it is outside. and if you played there at the winter. it will be really cold! I've seen many people playing tennis at the courts.

   When I play tennis
I like to play tennis. When I'm doing great, it feels good! I am playing tennis with maybe four other people. and they are my friends. I don't know them so good but it is fun to play with them.

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