21 oktober 2013

My favorite food

I don't really like the school food because they have started to put more vegatables in the food. But sometimes it is really good food like pancakes, meatballs or hamburgers. But at home I use to make chicken salad, it takes very long time but when I'm finish it's very good! When I make chicken salad I use chicken and salad of corse and then I have tomato, cucumber, melon, grapes and feta cheese. I very often serve it with milk. Something more I like is my uncles spaghetti and bolognese because he don't put onions and weird stuffs in it and he get a very special color on the bolognese. When we 
eat that I always eat most of all. 


20 oktober 2013

My favourite food - Isabelle

My favorite food is knödel!

Knödel comes from Germany it's very very delicious!😃
Why we do it is because my mother comes from Germany.
My brother loves it and I like it very much!😄

My favorite desert is tiramisu!
Tiramisu comes from Italy and it is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with cocoa. I LOVE TIRAMISU!! 

18 oktober 2013

Favorite breakfast - cornflakes

CornflakesMy favorite breakfast is cornflakes. I eat cornflakes mostly in the morning before school. I don't eat cornflakes on weekends. I often eat cornflakes with chocolate. I like it because cornflakes is fast to make it. It's good

My tutorial: How to bake a sticky chocolate cake

How to make a tasty snack

I have done a tutorial about how to make a tasty snack.
You can find it here: http://snapguide.com/guides/make-a-tasty-snack


Favorite food My favorite food are pite . This food will from kosovo. This is à picture how to make
Pite pite me gjize

17 oktober 2013

My Favorite Games and sports

I like Sports very much my favorite sport is Football or in America the call it soccer I'm pretty good at it too. But I like games to some people thinks it's wired cause I'm good at sports fast and strong but I like to play games too. I like MMO games cause sometimes I play with my friends and I meet new people

My Favorite Breakfast - Sebastian

My favorite breakfast is fried bread, egg and bacon. It's pretty unhealthy. It's my father who makes it and I really loves it.

My favorite food

I don't really like the school food because they have start to put vegetables in the food.
A few day's ago we had a fish called baltic harring.
It is a small fish and I don't like it because I think it's taste to much fish and it is to much bone in it.
My favorite food is pizza because.... Hmmmmmmm, it's just my favorite food.
I like To have jam,tomato, pineapple, paprika and kebab.
I think my favorite desert is Ice cream with chocolate sauce and banana.

My favourite food - Rebecca

My favourite food is cabbage rolls. Cabbage rolls is meat with cabbage over it. We often buy clear cabbage rolls and warm up them but sometimes my mom do homemade. My favourite dessert is ice cream with strawberry taste. Cabbage rolls

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My favorite food

My favorite food

My favorite food is my grandmother's home made meatballs with potatoes and her sauce. Umm delisous but it's one little problem. It take a very long time to do, so I don't get it so often.
My favorite dessert is chocolate cake it tastes very good.

Food - Tuva.B

I like to eat pancakes. My brother and I make pancakes sometimes but not too often because it's not healthy. I usually have blueberrys or sugar on them but sometimes I don't have anything on my pancakes.

My favourite food Anders

My favourite food is hamburger because it is very tasty. My favourite sweet is brownie.  It is very good and I can bake it. I like to have ice-creme. I like vanilla, it is good.


14 oktober 2013

My favorite food

My favorite food is pancakes. When I eat pancakes I have strawberry jam and sugar on it.
It's easy to make pancakes you take milk, eggs, flour and mix after a recipes.
I can do pancakes all by my self. Sometimes we get it in school but it's taste better home.

11 oktober 2013

Fudge bar with Cheerios and peanuts

In case my movie was unclear:
14 oz of fudge/caramels (I used vanilla fudge, but I found it a little bit to sweet...) 1/4 cup of water 3/4 cup of peanut butter (I could'nt find peanut butter here, where I live, so I used ordinary margarine
4 cups of Cheerios (I took 3 1/2, because it looked like it was enough, but it wasn't, so the fudge took over the whole recipe...)
1 cup of salted peanuts
29 oz of baking chocolate (melted)
Melt the fudge/caramels, peanut butter/margaine in a pan on low heat.
Add to the melted mixture the Cheerios and the peanuts and mix everything well.
Place it as flat as possible in a tin with making paper, and you´re done with layer one.
Melt chocolate. Double boiling this is the best bay, since you might burn the chocolate if you don´t. Pour the melted chocolate over layer one, and BAAM, you have a second layer.
But the cake in the refrigerator for a good hour or two. Take it out, cut it into smaller pieces and eat. I hope you give this one a try and if you do - GOOD LUCK!!!

Favorite food

One of my favorite food is my dad's home made pizza with chesse, mozzarella, tomato sauce, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and minced meat.

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My favorite food is pizza. I eat pizza mabye one time in 1-2 month so I don't get to fat. I use to have a pizza named Hawaii or a recepi that I did myself. My own recepi is a pizza with cheese, shrimp, banana and of curse pizza bread.

Hawaii pizza- ham,cheese,piapple popular Portugal,Hungary

Study Tips - Sebastian :)

My favorite food hugo!!!


In school is my favorite food meatballs, but the potatoes doesn't taste that good.
I've got another favorite food in school and that is pancakes.
But most of the food in school don't taste that good but you can eat it if you really have to. My favorite food at home is pancakes. I really love my moms pancakes. Most people prefer to have like sugar or strawberry jam on the pancakes but i prefer to have nothing on my pancakes.

Favorite food - Nellie

My favourite food is Tacos. I think it tastes really nice! I usually have tomatoes, corn, guacamole, cheese, mincemeat and sour cream on mine. It's often my parents who does it. But sometimes I help them. Sometimes we get it at school. It's from Mexico but there are many people in Sweden who eats it. Mexican tacos

10 oktober 2013

Cabbage Rolls is one of my favourite dishes. I have potatoes brown sauce to it. There is meat in a Cabbage roll. My mother makes them.


Swedish food and my favorite food Freddy

I'm gonna tell you about Swedish food. The typical food in Sweden is meatballs , a thing called ”sill"(Herring) it is like a little fish you eat. Sill have different tastes. Like onion, dill and other tastes. Lax (Salmon) is another thing, it is a fish too and it is orange and it tastes really good. Potato is not Swedish but it tastes good with sill and lax. My favourite is Thai food. Noodles and chicken is my favourite but i like most of the thai food.

My favorite food Hampus

My favorite food


My favorite food it's pizza.

I like pizza therefore that is god and I like the hard shell and the soft topping.

I usually don't by pizza therefor my dad is making them on his on.
When we eat pizza I also help my dad to make the pizza.

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My favorite food

My favourite food is spaghetti with meat sauce and 

  • Meatballs with mashed potatoes.  In Sweden it's is many Who eat meatballs. It's so popular in sweden

03 oktober 2013

Favorite school food - Eric

My favorite school food is Hamburger, Fishburger and Meatballs. Meatballs and potato is a typical Swedish dish.
This is how I like eating meatballs.
Picture from victormedial.blogg.se

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