18 oktober 2013

Favorite breakfast - cornflakes

CornflakesMy favorite breakfast is cornflakes. I eat cornflakes mostly in the morning before school. I don't eat cornflakes on weekends. I often eat cornflakes with chocolate. I like it because cornflakes is fast to make it. It's good

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  1. Kia ora
    I really like cornflakes to and they are fast to make in the morning.
    by Alvinlee

  2. Kia Ora,
    I like your post because my favourite breakfast is cornflakes. I can on eat them on the holidays, but on school days I eat Weat-Bix. Do you have Weat-Bix.
    From Byron
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  3. Kia Ora,
    I really like your post because it's breakfast my favorite breakfast is Weat-Bix with Milo an milk and lots more.
    From Riley
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