21 oktober 2013

My favorite food

I don't really like the school food because they have started to put more vegatables in the food. But sometimes it is really good food like pancakes, meatballs or hamburgers. But at home I use to make chicken salad, it takes very long time but when I'm finish it's very good! When I make chicken salad I use chicken and salad of corse and then I have tomato, cucumber, melon, grapes and feta cheese. I very often serve it with milk. Something more I like is my uncles spaghetti and bolognese because he don't put onions and weird stuffs in it and he get a very special color on the bolognese. When we 
eat that I always eat most of all. 


3 kommentarer:

  1. Kiaora Tuva

    Your chicken salad sound very much like mine but I like avocado and blue cheese.

    What vegetables do you like?

  2. Kiaora Tuva

    I like the pancakes and hamburgers but i do not like it that they you are having vegetables they must suck for you. :(
    I like it how you put what you are having for tea at home the salad sounds yum..
    Next time can you put in what time you have tea at???

    Your pal

  3. Hello my name is Darian at our school we dont get our food from the school we have to brig food from our own houses.