11 december 2013

Local enviorment

Local environment
My house
When you come through the door then you have all the rooms and in the large bathroom on the right side and The kitchen is to the left and the living room is straight forward.

Kitchen: It looks as if it is a very old kitchen that we have in my house. There are tiled floors that are red, and the cabinets are in dark wood.
We have quite a large table with a purple cloth, a fruit bowl and a vase with flowers on.

My room: My room is pretty smal. But I think that when it's a small room, it's much more cozy. I have a keyboard next to my bed.
The room has light brown walls. I have a tv and a bookshelf with two flowers and books. I have a turquoise rug.

The garden: We also have a pool at home, which is 1, 50 m deep.
Our lawn is quite large and we have a swing to my little sister and a trampoline.

My Sisters room: My little sister has a small room just like me.
She has a lot of toys, a bed and a small swing that you can hang up on a hook in the ceiling from which she can sit in and swing and spin in. In the room there is white walls. There are two shelves on the wall and a wardrobe. She has three small round rugs that have the colors Blue and pink.

Our House was built in 2001 in wood.
The House is white but Red around the boxes.

In the House there is a large laundry room with washing machine, dryer and a pair of cabinets.
small bathroom and a large bathroom with bath.

We have our own carport and a large storage room.

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