17 januari 2014

Movie review

A walk to remember

On the holiday I watched a movie called a walk to remember.
It's a love story about a boy called Landon and a girl called Jamie.
Landon is one of the popular kids in the school and Jamie is one of the nerds. One day the principal talked to Landon, he said that he wanted Landon to join the drama group, because the principal wanted Landon to meet new people.
Jamie was also in the drama group. Jamie helped Landon with his script.
At first Landon pretended that he didn't know who Jamie was in front of his friends.
When it was time to show the drama show Landon had to kiss Jamie, and his friends thought it was a real kiss, so they didn't want to be with Landon anymore. Landon had no one to eat with, so ha went to Jamie.
Landon said that he wanted to be with Jamie but she didn't believed him so she said that he should prove it. He did everything for her, and he fall in love with her. He didn't care about his reputation anymore.
Jamie didn't want Landon to fall in love with her because there was something she hadn't told him.
Jamie believed that Landon wanted to be with her and she fell in love with him too. Everything was perfect until Jamie told Landon something he didn't know about her.

I think this is a great movie! It's my favourite movie and I love it.
It's romantic and a little bit sad too. The lead actors is Shane West and Mandy Moore.

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  1. Good job, Edona! I've seen this movie as well, and it is SOOOO good! The scene in the cafeteria where Landon's "friends" had edited a picture of Jamie, naked, and she was about to run out of the cafeteria, but Landon showed up. It's the best scene I've ever seen in my life. It's so romantic!