07 februari 2014

She's the man She's the man is an American romantic comedy from 2006 directed by Andy Fickman. Amanda Bynes plays Viola and Channing Tatum plays Duke they are the main characters in the movie. The film is about a girl called Viola. Viola's football(soccer) team is cut from the schools sport program. She and her teammates want to try out for the boys team. The coach and the boys believes that boys are much more athletic than girls so he says that they aren't allowed to play with the guys. Viola gets upset and decides to pretend to be her brother and to try out for another team so she can prove that girls can be just as athletic as boys. She then falls in love with her new teammate Duke. I thought that "She's the man" was alright. I liked the plot but I didn't like the acting. Some of the actors overdid the acting. I still recommend this movie to girls around the age of thirteen.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love she's the man, one of my favourite movie. You made a fun moviereview!! Fun to read

  2. That movie is great I love it!

    1. Ok, I didn't really like it.

  3. I love that movie! It's awesome!