06 februari 2014

Movie review

Movie review about The Karate Kid

 The karate kid is a action movie. It's about a guy who is called Dre Parker. He was the popular kid in school. But he has to move from Detroit to China because his mom got a job there. On the new place some guys are bad to him. They want to fight with Dre all the time. Dre met a man who is called Mr Han. Mr Han is really good in Kung fu so Dre wanted Mr Han to learn him. At first mr Han didn't want to learn him but after a while he sad yes. After a lot of training Dre signed to a Kung fu tournament.

I like the movie because it has an exiting story. I really recommend to see it.

Production year: 2010
Directed by: Harald Zwart
Lead actors in the movie: Jaden smith (Dre Parker) & Jackie chan (Mr Han)

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  1. I've watched this movie too, it's great. I think you have wrote a good movie review about this movie :)