24 februari 2014

Movie review-insidious

Insidious is about a family who is haunted bay a man who is very creepy. And this creepy ghost really want to live, so his trying to get in to the oldest sons buddy. One day the boy came into a coma. So they haves to move to a house the father lived in when he was a little boy. But what they don't no is that, the house they moved into is also haunted. They really want there son back in life so the father has to go to the ghost world and get his son back. And when he do that he kind of opening the ghost-archway, and a lot of ghost came into there house. It's one ghost that not suppose to come in because she is a very dangerous one. She was haunting the father when he was a little boy. And when the father gets the boy home every ghost disappear but before they do that, the very dangerous ghost gets into the fathers buddy and preteens to be the father so she can kill the family and get back to life. The and

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