13 september 2013

                                                              Typtical school day

A typtical Wednesday!

8.20 am-10.00 a.m

We have science with mr Sernesteand. In our work we research on diseases. We have 1 week to get the work done. I haven't worked with it so mouch, so I must work with it a little more. Tommorow it's wednesday, so we gonna have a presentation. 

10.00-10.20 am we have brake. We often play fotball.

10.20-11.00 am we have French. 

11.00 we have lunch and a break. 

11.40 am we go back to french and we work until 12.20 pm. And we have a break to 12:40 pm.

12.40-02.40 pm we halves the class and the one half go to home economics and the other one have science lab.

And 02.40 we have reached the end!

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