06 september 2013

Typical School Day.

8.20: The school begin and everyone go to their classrooms. Our teacher is reading for a while. And then we work with My true story.

9.40: We have a small break.

10.00: We go in to class again and have English.

10.40: We have math.

11.20: Lunch and lunchbreak.

12.10: The lunch is over and we go to class. We have My true story.

1.10: Break.

1.30: We have My true story again.

2.20 The school is over.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Teresa
    Why do you get so long for a break we only have 20 mins
    Please comet back
    Thanks Tia

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Your break is so long.
    We only get 20 minutes.
    You go home so early too we go home at 3:00pm.
    What do you do on other school days?