09 september 2013

My true story


      7: am. My alarm wakes me up. I put my clothes on and eat breakfast. 
  I give the cats and the dog food and water then I walk the dog. Then I watch Tv or play on my iPad.
7.35:am. I check that I have everything with me and then I put on my helmet on and my key so I can look the door and take the bike to school.
7.45: am. I look my bike at the bike parking and enter the School.
8.20: am. School starts.
9.40:am. Break 
10 am Lesion 
10.40 am A new lesion
11.20 am lunch and brake
12.10 am another lesiouodn.
13.10 am our last break of the day.
13.30 am Finaly our last lesion of the day....

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